KCP News Regarding Strand Theatre

Kutztown Community Partnership (KCP) is excited to share that the County of Berks, through the American Rescue Plan, has approved grant funding to KCP in the amount of $270,013. The goal of the grant is to support the purchase and preservation of the Kutztown Strand Theatre, contingent on additional grants and agreements being completed.

KCP is deeply saddened over the passing of Paul Angstadt, the Strand’s owner. Paul was a great friend to KCP, and we were working with him on this project. It is KCP’s hope to continue the wonderful legacy that Paul provided to the Kutztown community through the Strand.

KCP’s mission is to build community, forge positive relationships, and foster cultural and economic collaboration. To that end, KCP intends to continue the Strand as a movie theatre and to expand the facility to a shared community space for performing arts, events, educational and community programs, all while evolving the Strand’s revenue stream.

You can follow this journey by visiting our website at

You will also have an opportunity to share ideas, volunteer, and participate in vision discussions moving forward. A page dedicated to the Strand will be posted

in the next few days.

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