Kutztown Community Partnership is a community-driven non-profit organization dedicated to the economic revitalization and preservation of Kutztown. The Partnership serves as a liaison to build community, to forge positive relationships, and to foster cultural and economic collaboration in this historic college town. Kutztown Community Partnership envisions Kutztown as an inclusive community that welcomes all our best efforts: to get an education, to do business, and to live well at every stage of our lives.

Kutztown Community Partnership Statement
Regarding the Strand Theatre

In response to various petitions, online commentary, and community chatter, Kutztown Community Partnership would like to further elaborate on its goals with the Kutztown Strand Theatre.


On March 14, 2022, Paul Angstadt, owner of the Strand, issued a letter of intent, expressing his interest to sell the Strand and the property at 32 N Whiteoak Street to a non-profit organization, specifically KCP, with appropriate terms, including a financial contingency.  


Through collaborative and helpful efforts with Paul’s Estate, KCP is humbled to still have the opportunity to further Paul’s vision and keep the Strand an important staple of our community. However, any sale to KCP is still contingent on the approval of adequate grant funding. Additionally, after any sale to KCP, preservation of the Strand would require further funding through operating revenue streams, additional grants, and donations, just like other non-profit projects.


If KCP ultimately purchases the Strand, it is our intention to still show movies on a regular basis.  We also think the space could be used by the community for events, functions, and other related purposes to benefit Kutztown.  This is to be a community space, envisioned and used by the community.   That said, NO specific uses of the Strand other than showing movies have been determined yet.  Items such as codes, costs, staffing, etc. would also have to be evaluated before any proposed uses could be finalized. 


Please know that KCP’s goal is to continue and revitalize the Strand’s legacy. We hope to see the community come together to share their ideas, donate their time, and help us formulate a plan.  In other words, KCP would be the host and the community would be the user and guide.  


Kutztown Community Partnership encourages anyone interested in helping with the future of the Strand to visit our website at https://www.kutztownpartnership.org and complete our contact form to be a part of this journey.


We thank everyone in advance for sharing their passion and interest in the future of the Kutztown Strand Theatre. 



Kutztown Community Partnership

Sandy Green – Community Liaison

Allison Fuller- President

Peter Smith- Vice President

Jeromy Curry- Secretary

Amanda Garcia – Treasurer

Christian Temchatin – Board Member

George Kusterer- Board Member

Jonathan Quier- Board Member

Alexander Elliker- Board Member

Ellen Overcast – Board Member

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Kutztown Community Partnership (KCP) is excited to share that the County of Berks, through the American Rescue Plan, has approved grant funding to KCP in the amount of $270,013.  The goal of the grant is to support the purchase and preservation of the Kutztown Strand Theatre, contingent on additional grants and agreements being completed.


KCP is deeply saddened over the passing of Paul Angstadt, the Strand’s owner.  Paul was a great friend to KCP, and we were working with him on this project.  It is KCP’s hope to continue the wonderful legacy that Paul provided to the Kutztown community through the Strand.


KCP’s mission is to build community, forge positive relationships, and foster cultural and economic collaboration.  To that end, KCP intends to continue the Strand as a movie theatre and to expand the facility to a shared community space for performing arts, events, educational and community programs, all while evolving the Strand’s revenue stream.

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