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Living in Kutztown

Situated in beautiful Berks County, PA, Kutztown is truly a town like no other. Our slogan, "A Most Agreeable Town," perfectly embodies the balance of Kutztown's blend of small-town living and modern conveniences. Our community is vibrant and engaged, and always eager to embrace new residents or lend a hand to those in need. Kutztown's excellent schools, efficient infrastructure, family-friendly amenities, and civic pride make it a fantastic community to be a part of, and a wonderful place to raise a family. Interested in moving to Kutztown? Below are a few of the highlights that we love about living in Kutztown, and we think you will, too.



Kutztonians take pride in the beauty of the borough, and our local parks reflect that in a big way. From the wide variety of amenities at Kutztown Park (including the bandshell, athletic fields, dog park, skate park, and more) to the serenity of North Park (featuring rain gardens, hiking trail, and beautiful views of Saucony Creek), Kutztown's parks provide kids and adults alike with ample opportunity to play, hike, relax, and experience nature right in their own backyard.

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Living an active and healthy lifestyle is one of the pillars of Kutztown's community, and our organized sports leagues and abundance of sports fields play a major part in providing Kutztonians with opportunities to get outside and play. Kuztown is home to a number of youth sports leagues for kids of all ages in addition to five community baseball fields, a basketball court, roller hockey rink, tennis courts, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and a skate park.



Kutztown has always embraced the arts, and one of favorite means of doing this is by hosting live concerts and events. The Bandshell at Kutztown Community Park boasts an impressive schedule of free concerts that run every year from June through August. In addition, our community events like Folk Fest and our Block Party feature a variety of live acts every year, and Kutztown University hosts a variety of free and paid concerts that are open to the community as well.

Living in Kutztown

  • Kutztown Area School District was awarded the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the State of PA in 2020.

  • Kutztown has an illustrious history in the arts, and is home to a number of large-scale murals, one of which was painted in the style of famous artist and Kutztown native Keith Haring.

  • Kutztown University is home to a state-of-the-art planetarium featuring public planetarium and laser light shows.

  • The Kutztown Folk Festival has been around for over 70 years and is the oldest continually-operated folklife festival in America.

  • Kutztown is home to one of only 35 municipally-owned electric systems in the state of PA, providing safe and reliable electric services to the citizens of Kutztown.

  • Kutztown Station is home to the Allentown & Auburn Railroad, which hosts rides and events for train enthusiasts of all ages.

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