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The Journey of the Strand Theater 

Welcome to the official Journey of the Strand webpage. This page is dedicated to documenting Kutztown Community Partnership’s journey with the Strand Theater—a historic and beloved staple of the Kutztown Community for over 110 years. As of 2022, KCP has been working to purchase the Strand Theater to further the vision of the late owner, Paul Angstadt.


Pending the approval of sufficient grant funding, KCP intends to make updates and improvements to the theater’s location before reopening to the public. At this time, KCP’s only specific plan for the Strand upon reopening is to show movies. It is our ultimate goal and responsibility to preserve the legacy of the Strand Theater for the entire Kutztown community. We encourage the public to reach out via our contact form or post to our discussion forums if they would like to share their ideas, volunteer their time, or help us come up with future plans for the theater.


Remember to revisit this page to find out more about KCP’s plans for the Strand and read about the theater’s history. We will be posting regular updates about the Strand, making donations available, and including articles found and researched by Kutztown University undergraduate students.

The Strand: A Gathered History 


Dr. Amy O'Brien's History --- class has carefully gathered information on the long-standing history of The Strand Theater over the course of the Spring 2023 semester. Dr. O'Brien's students have conducted research on the theater's past owners, discovered major events in the theater's history, and interviewed former employees and long-time attendees of the Strand. Click and read the links below to further investigate the rich history of The Strand Theater. 


Fill out the donations form below or click the Paypal button at the bottom of the screen to donate any amount you wish to KCP's efforts toward restoring the Strand Theater. 


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