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The Strand: A Rich History of Tradition


The 1975 Kutztown University Football Team

The Kutztown Strand has weathered two pandemics and a whole lot more over the past 110 years. One thing has always stayed consistent, the sense of community and tradition. It seems that everyone who's been connected with Kutztown has a story about this cornerstone of our community.

Going back to 1974, Dane Mayson was the captain of Kutztown University’s football team. Over the 4 years he attended school, his head coach, George Baldwin adopted a tradition including the Strand. Before every game on Saturday, the team would have dinner followed by a walk down the main street to see a film at the Strand. This tradition was consistent, making the Kutztown Strand an important part of the University's football program. Mayson said how “the Strand allowed the team to grow closer together and develop bonds that would help them throughout the season”. Friday afternoons would have the whole team together for dinner, followed by a walk all the way down to the Strand to see a film. If they traveled to another school, they would follow the tradition at the away team’s local theater as well. This remained a tradition through all 4 years of his schooling.

(Left to Right): Cliff Mease, Frank Williams, Dane Mayson

This October, members of the 1974 team met at Kutztown for an Alumni event to reminisce and catch up with each other. Mayson and three other players were the only ones from their class to make it up to Kutztown. Frank Williams, one of Mayson's teammates, said that “their bond still remains strong.”

As The Strand’s future continues to come together, the people it has touched over the years continue to reminisce about the big part of Kutztown on 32 North Whiteoak Street

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