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Kutztown Community Partnership is a community-driven non-profit organization dedicated to the economic revitalization and preservation of Kutztown. The Partnership serves as a liaison to build community, to forge positive relationships, and to foster cultural and economic collaboration in this historic college town. Kutztown Community Partnership envisions Kutztown as an inclusive community that welcomes all our best efforts: to get an education, to do business, and to live well at every stage of our lives.

KCP Annual Meeting 2024

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Kutztown Community Partnership(KCP) is excited to announce that it will be holding its Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 29th at 6 pm.  The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for KCP to review the accomplishments of the past year and present their vision for 2024. KCP will also be honoring the volunteer and the community organization of the year. This year's annual meeting is extra special because it is the official launch of KCP’s capital campaign to support the Kutztown Strand Renovation Project.


Over the years, Kutztown Community Partnership has been fortunate to receive tremendous support from generous partners and the community, enabling them to carry out their mission and make a meaningful impact. Kutztown Community Partnership is committed to continuing to build community, forge positive relationships, and foster cultural and economic collaboration


The Kutztown Strand Renovation Capital Campaign will enable KCP to move forward in a project that is special to the community.  With the funds raised, revitalizing this beloved historic theatre can become a reality. 

Event Details:

  • Date: February 29th

  • Time: 6:00 PM

  • Venue: The Kutztown Strand Theatre, 32 N. Whiteoak Street, Kutztown, PA

Refreshments will be served, providing a casual setting for networking and conversation.

For more information or to confirm your attendance, please contact Outreach & Theatre Director, Barbara Vogelgesang by Feb. 29th at  or call 484-646-9069.

Building Berks Award

The Kutztown Community Partnership and Kutztown University were honored for the Keith Haring Fitness Court with the coveted Building Berks Award, presented by the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance. This esteemed accolade celebrates the remarkable synergy of art, health and community unity brought to life through this groundbreaking initiative.


The Building Berks Award is a testament to the transformative power of creativity, health and collaborative community efforts embodied by the Keith Haring Fitness Court. This recognition signifies the project's exceptional contribution to the Kutztown community's well-being, fostering an environment where art, fitness and community spirit thrive together.

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As of February 2023, Kutztown Community Partnership is the 4th official owner of the Strand Theater. Since 1912, the Strand Theater has stood as a pillar of our community.  Kutztown Community Partnership is proud to have been granted $270,013 from the County of Berks to purchase the historic Strand Theatre.  KCP would specifically like to thank County Commissioners, Christian Leinbach, Kevin Barnhardt and Michael Rivera for their support for this project. KCP also received $450,000 from The Local Shares Account- Statewide Program through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Financing Authority to reopen this cornerstone of Kutztown.  Special thanks to Senator Judith Schwank for her support and dedication to the Kutztown community.

KCP will be documenting the journey of the Strand as it is prepared and renovated for reopening. Click here to explore our webpage on the Strand Theater. Discover local history you never knew, hear untold stories of the Strand's storied past, and read regularly posted blog updates to be in the know of everything coming to the Strand as KCP embarks upon this new community endeavor.   

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